Visual Arts

Visual Arts

I’ve always loved doing art: sketching, keeping a field journal, painting, drawing, and photography. I don’t think of visual arts as “capturing” an animal or scene; instead, I aim to evoke a unique character or mood of each. I’ve studied watercolor and acrylics, landscape painting and bird photography, and am always excited by new animals and places as well as deep exploration of my homeplace.

Visual art forms


Bird photography offers unending excitement and beauty in encounters with these fascinating creatures of wing, water, air, and earth. [More here]

Traditional Color Media

My primary color medium is watercolor, and I’ve recently expanded into acrylics. Watercolor offers a dynamic relationship with my tools: I can invite the paint to act in certain ways, but it often seems to have a mind of its own! I love the interesting new possibilities that this interaction opens.Pencil and pen offer soft lines and textures, along with a focus on shape and texture.[More here]

Pencil and Pen

Pencil and pen offer soft lines and textures, along with a focus on shape and texture. [More here]

Digital arts

New technologies offer new artistic realms to explore. I enjoy the forgiving nature of digital media and the wide range of colors and textures available. I enjoy both purely digital work and integrated traditional/digital techniques. [More here]

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