tt-w-adele-chicken-shTRILEIGH TUCKER is a Seattle-based author, teacher, and naturalist who goes nuts over birds. Originally from New York and Virginia, she studied philosophy and geology at William and Mary and earned a doctorate in geology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For more than 25 years, she has taught college students, in the classroom and in the field, as they learn to read the natural world and its stories. Her research has taken her through geology into ecophilosophy, ecopsychology, and natural history; to Antarctica, India, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Colombia, Iceland, Spain, China, and beyond. She is now devoting herself full time to writing, photography, and art.

Trileigh’s favorite moments are one-on-one interactions with wild animals, especially birds—although being one-on-two-hundred-thousand with penguins comes a close second.

2013-1-6-P1040940-TT at St. Andrew's Bay-cr for FB-ed.jpg

Trileigh with King Penguins at St. Andrew’s Bay, South Georgia, Antarctic region

She works in both writing and photography to portray the unique essence of  animals, places, people, and the relationships among them. Her photographs have won international recognition; please click here to view Trileigh’s favorite photos.

Trileigh is the coauthor of Earth Science and Human History 101 and the author of several published essays, book chapters, and many academic papers. She is now working on a book about birds and environmental change.

Books and chapters:

Essay: Ruffled, Rakish, Feathered, Flown

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