Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a 135-acre urban sanctuary on the shore of Puget Sound in West Seattle, Washington. This page contains general information; a bird list and other specific natural history info are in separate pages.

Let’s start with a Google Maps link. Lincoln Park is that dark green triangle southwest of Seattle, and if you click on the picture it’ll go to a live Google Maps page where you can zoom in further:

Moving in a little more closely:

There’s a great trail network in the park. This map is available on the Seattle Parks and Rec page:

Natural History links for Lincoln Park

For a Lincoln Park beach assessment by King County, including lists of invertebrates and seaweed species on both north and south beaches, click here.

An initial bird list for Lincoln Park can be found here.

2 responses to “Lincoln Park

  1. I saw the pair of eagles today between 12:00pm and 3:00pm. I was able to take a few photographs. I met several people who referenced the “Natural Presence” website and blog. I look forward to reading more about the eagles in Lincoln Park and photographing them in flight.

    • Thanks, Texag – so sorry I just picked up your comment! Those eagles are our pride and joy and I’m so glad you got a chance to photograph them. Let’s hope for another productive nesting season for them so their first fledgling has a brother or sister!

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