New Lincoln Park bird list available

With the help of several other local birders, I’ve compiled a list of all the birds we’ve personally confirmed at or close to Lincoln Park. There are over 100 species in our little corner of paradise!

Please click here to go to the bird list page. (You can also use the pulldown menu under “Lincoln Park Info” at the top of each page.) There you’ll find a list of birds, some of which have links to photographs and other species information. I’ll be regularly adding photos and information to that list. There’s also a one-page printable version of the list that you can take with you as you go exploring the avian life in our back yard.


Anna's Hummingbird at salmonberry flower

Anna’s Hummingbird at salmonberry flower

Have fun exploring Lincoln Park’s amazing bird life!

2 responses to “New Lincoln Park bird list available

  1. Does anyone know the status of the two geese that lived on the beach side? Only saw one yesterday and none today.

    • Hi John,

      I can’t say for sure, but I know that in the past one or both geese have seemed to disappear, only to reappear after a few days in fine shape. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is the case this time! (You might also post a question to the West Seattle Blog about this.)


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